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About: Renatus Wellness – Renatus Well-Wisher Group

Renatus Wellness – Renatus Well-Wisher Group is a group of wellness products marketing associates and distributors group in India, having our own team of marketing and business development who are visionaries in their chosen fields, having a vast experience in developing business of wellness products in coherence with the current market requirements. These handful of experts came together and when their expertise was put to work.

Mission, Vision and Values


Health & Wellness provides whole person-centered care and services, illness prevention and health promotion, co-curricular learning opportunities, and public health leadership and expertise. All are tailored to support our students’ health, wellbeing, and personal development, the health of the campus community and the mission of our group.


Health & Wellness is every student’s first choice for health care and health education. We lead the way in fulfilling the University’s commitment to fostering a well and vibrant learning community.